QUICK FASTENERS for Frequent Changeover CLAMPING SOLUTIONS for Efficient Workholding

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One-Touch Fasteners

Quick locks for frequent changeover with no tools

Learn More about One-Touch Fasteners

Pneumatic Clamping Fasteners

Automated quick fasteners for machine changeover

Learn More about Pneumatic Clamping Fasteners

One Touch Push Lock Clamps

Versatile quick locks for slide and angle adjustment

Learn More about One Touch Push Lock Clamps

One-Touch Shaft Clamps

Mechanical quick shaft clamps with no tools

Learn More about One-Touch Shaft Clamps

One-Touch Clamps

Mechanical quick clamps for machining

Learn More about One-Touch Clamps

Modular Pull Clamping System

Precise 5-axis pull clamps with clear tool access

Learn More about Modular Pull Clamping System

Machinable Collet Clamps

Mechanical / pneumatic collets hold any external shapes

Learn More about Machinable Collet Clamps

Flex Locators

Mechanical clamping locators for quick change applications

Learn More about Flex Locators

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Since our establishment in 1961, we have provided a wide variety of standard machine elements and fixture components, always keeping in mind our commitment to contribute to the global industry through improving productivity and increased added value.

We will keep developing unique and innovative products to improve our customers' productivity, realize higher added value, and maximize the satisfaction of customer as well as our team members.