Imao inspires customers with products beyond expectations

Since 1961, we have been a pioneer of industrial components in Japan.
We listen to customers' voices, and keep up improving.
We impress customers with innovative products.

Business Field

Since our establishment in 1961, we have provided a wide variety of standard machine elements and fixture components, always keeping in mind our commitment to contribute to the global industry through improving productivity and increased added value.

We will keep developing unique and innovative products to improve our customers' productivity, realize higher added value, and maximize the satisfaction of customer as well as our team members.

Standard Machine Elements

Since 1967 when we were the first in the industry to introduce standard machine elements in Japan, we have pursued the development of unique standard machine elements with superior functionality.

We confidently offer our unique and distinctive products with one-of-a-kind functions to the global market aiming to satisfy customers in the world.

Standard Fixturing Components

In 1983 we started manufacturing and selling our first standard fixture components "Block Jig System". Since then, we have been expanding our lineup with creative fixture components to contribute to improving productivity for our customers engaged in manufacture.

Now we are one of the most well-recognized and appreciated manufacturers of fixtures and clamping components among global customers. We, as a professional supplier of standard fixture components, will continue contributing to our customers' manufacturing.

ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 - Quality Certifications

Imao Corporation is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 by an Accredited Certification Body.

ISO 9001 certification sets requirements for quality management systems and helps ensure that our products consistently meet customer expectations. We continuously improve our processes for the highest standards.

The international standard ISO 14001 specifies effective management practices for environmental aspects that organizations can control and influence. We are actively working to reduce our environmental impact.