Machinable Collet Clamps Hold Any Shape!

Custom fit to small, thin, complex and irregularly shaped workpieces

Machinable collet clamps hold any external shape of workpieces by a single tightening.
Ideal for machining small, thin, complex and irregularly shaped workpieces on machining centers or turning lathes.
The collet is divided into up to 8 sections and distributes the clamping force over the external contour to prevent workpiece deformation.
Compact body allows mounting multiple clamps on the fixture plate.
Simple workholding with Machinable collet clamps saves your time in fixture design.

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Machinable Jaw

Any shape can be clamped by machining the jaw to the nominal size of the workpiece.

Divided Jaw Distributes Clamping Force

The collet mechanism enables secure clamping of the workpiece.

Easy Operation

Clamping in one operation

Compact Design

Small body allows multiple clamping in limited space.

Additional Feature

Changeable Jaw

Various shapes can be clamped by changing the jaw.

Can make a dedicated fixture with short delivery and low cost.

Fixture for Turning Lathe

Even complex workpieces that are difficult to hold with a chuck can be clamped securely.

Case Study

CASE 1 Multiple workholding on 5-axis machining center with compact OD clamps!


KINKI KOGYO inc. who produces hydraulic cylinder components and various other metal parts, uses IMAO's Form Holding Clamps for various workpieces on their 5-axis machining center. This machining center was introduced to perform fully automated machining, and used to machine hydraulic cylinder parts made of steel and stainless steel.

In the past, only a single workpiece could be clamped using several types of vises or dedicated fixtures. This required them to purchase a large number of vises, which was expensive and also time consuming to set up.

To solve this problem, KINKI KOGYO introduced Form Holding Clamps. They placed four clamps onto one fixture plate to clamp multiple workpieces at a time. This allowed them to increase machine operating time at night.

KINKI KOGYO has plans to replace the jaws to clamp various types of workpieces. They are satisfied with the high clamping force of Form Holding Clamps which is resulting from the collet-shaped design. They are also pleased with its compact size that allows multiple installations, and the flexibility that can clamp both inside and outside of workpieces just by changing the jaws.



  • Secure clamping with 8 collet sections
  • Changeable jaw
  • Also available for ID clamping
  • Can be mounted on turning lathes


  • Strong clamping force with compact body
  • Completely through clamping for long parts
  • For torque control


  • Secure clamping with 4 collet sections
  • Changeable jaw
  • Can be mounted on turning lathes

OD HOLDING CLAMPS (Wedge Style/Round)

  • For clamping small parts with compact body
  • Can be mounted on turning lathes

OD HOLDING CLAMPS (Wedge Style/Square)

  • For dual-clamping two small parts / single-clamping one long part


  • Pneumatic clamping for automated fixtures
  • Changeable jaw

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