Quick and Secure Locking for Slide and Angle Adjustment

Reliable operation without over/under tightening

One Touch Push Lock Clamps are quick locks that provide easy, tool-less locking with a 90-degree turn for slide and angle adjustment.
The internal spring keeps the clamping force constant to prevent over/under tightening. The indication line and touch of a click allow any user a secure and reliable operation.
These locks are versatile enough to clamp various objects such as flat bars, round shafts and linear rails in many sizes.
IMAO's One Touch Push Lock Clamps reduce setup time and increase productivity.

Product Video


Quick & Easy Clamping by Pushing Out the Piston

Just turning the handle 90 degrees

Secure Clamping

Allows any user error-free clamping with

  • Constant clamping force
  • Indication line
  • Touch of a click

Suitable for Various Objects & Sizes

Applicable to flat bars, round shafts, and linear rails in many sizes.

Additional Feature

Available in 2 Tip Styles

Flat tip hardly damages an object

Diamond tip provides high holding force

Application Example

Installation and removal of paper cores

Position adjustment of guide rollers

Position adjustment of print heads

Fixing of rotary table






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