Robotic Workpiece Clamping with Nutrunner Clamps!
Mechanical Clamps for Automation

Clamping automation by Imao's Nutrunner Clamps serves as alternatives to hydraulic clamps. 

Tightening with nut runner installed on a robot actuates Nutrunner clamps to hold workpieces with high clamping force in machining and assembly line. 

Mechanical design does not require hydraulic piping and simplifies fixture design and maintenance. 

IMAO's robotic clamps achieve automated workpiece clamping with shorter fixture preparation time and lower fixturing cost than hydraulic clamps.


Tightening Hex Head with Nut Runner

Allows automated clamping and unclamping in robotized production lines

High Clamping Force

6 kN clamping force for heavy duty applications

Ideal for machining and assembly lines 

Mechanical Clamping with No Hydraulic Piping

Achieves easy fixture design & maintenance, low fixturing cost and pallet transfer

Additional Feature

Custom Clamp Arm is Applicable

To meet the requirements in customers' applications


Nutrunner Swing Clamp

Nutrunner Pull Clamp

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