Work Supports

Work Supports

IMAO's WORK SUPPORTS are the spring-loaded supports that can prevent the low-profile workpiece from chattering.
The piston fits to the bottom surface of workpiece and lock to prevent from vibration or deformation during machining and improve machining accuracy!
Do not require experienced adjusting work with screw jack.

Can be used as the backup pin during mounting or inspection of electric components.


Conventional Method

Set the tip of a screw jack to the workpiece bottom and hold it with a nut.

This setup is done by hand with the trained techniques to prevent clearance between workpiece and screw tip or workpiece lift-up.

IMAO's Solution!

The piston can be locked/unlocked with easy operation and keeps stable support capacity for preventing deflection of workpiece.

The spring-loaded piston fits to the workpiece bottom, anyone can set-up the support easily.

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