Mechanical Self Centering Vises for 5-axis Machining

Provide powerful direct clamping with 20 kN force

IMAO's Centering Clamps are mechanical self centering vises for raw workpiece clamping on 5-axis machining centers.
Highest 20 kN clamping force allows rigid clamping of raw part without stamping process.
The low profile and compact design offers best accessibility to workpieces for 5-sided machining.
These self centering vises are adaptable with our quick change plate, leading to reducing setup times in fixture changeover.

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20 kN Clamping Force

Strong clamping force with 20 kN allows rigid clamping of raw part.

No Stamping Process Required

The serrated jaws bite into the workpiece to clamp powefully, eliminating stamping process.

Compact Design

Two lengths of 130mm or 170mm are available.

Low profile body offers best accessibility to workpieces for 5-sided machining.

Additional Feature

Two Types of Jaws

Serrated jaws are ideal for strong direct bite and reversible to cover wide clamping range of 6 - 154 mm.

Dovetail jaws provide rigid clamping.

Serrated Jaw

Tip and surface contact

Dovetail Jaw

Dual-surface contact

Adaptable with Quick Change Plates

Designed for mounting on quick change plates to reduce setup times in fixture changeover.

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