Quick Change Plate Completes Fixture Setup in 30 Seconds

Flex Zero Base is a quick change plate with 0.005 mm repeatability and 12 kN clamping force.

4-point clamping by only one actuation screw drastically shortens machine down time during fixture change operations.

Compact body is perfect for quick change on small 5-axis machining centers and vertical machining centers.

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Quick Clamping

4-point clamping by only one actuation screw

0.005 mm Repeatability

2 jaws locate and clamp the pull studs with high accuracy.

Precise and quick fixture change

No Position Adjustment / Shorter Machine Down Time

Benefit of External Workpiece Setup

External workpiece setup and quick fixture change reduce machine downtime and increase machine operating rate.

Additional Feature

12 kN Clamping Force

Strong clamping with 12 kN force allows heavy duty machining.

Multiple Workpieces Holding

Flex Zero Base maximizes fixture spaces for clamping multiple workpieces.

Compact Design

Two sizes of 150 / 240 mm are available depending on the size of machine table.

The low height of 35 mm maximizes the machining area.


Fixture Plate

Centering Clamp

Case Study

Slashed 2.7 hours by Flex Zero Base!

Comparison of machining time for single production lot with and without Flex Zero Base

Production lot
20 pcs
Machining time
62 min

Quick fixture change slashed 60 min.

Flex Zero Base provides quick fixture change and eliminates position adjustment.

External setup slashed 100 min.

External workpiece changeover shortens setup time by 5 minutes!

Case Study

CASE 1 30 seconds fixture change on 5-axis machine


UOGISHI SEIKI INTERACTIVE CORPORATION manufactures die casting molds for major automobile manufacturers. They use IMAO Flex Zero Base to change fixtures on their 5-axis machining center. They produce mold parts made of tool steel in single part production with this 5-axis machining center.

Previously, operators had to stop machines for changing fixtures and mounting workpieces in the machine, once workpieces changed. It took 30 to 60 minutes to set up and this depressed machine operating rate. This was an issue for UOGISHI SEIKI.

Therefore, UOGISHI SEIKI introduced Flex Zero Base to mount fixtures onto the machine tables, after locating and clamping workpieces outside the machine. Since Flex Zero Base positions fixtures or vises with an accuracy of 0.005 mm and clamps 4 pull studs by only one actuation screw, fixture exchanges are now completed in 30 seconds. UOGISHI successfully improved their machine operating rate. In addition, they are satisfied with the high clamping force of 12 kN which allows heavy duty machining for hard materials.


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