Pneumatic Shaft Locking!

Clamping automation for machine changeover

Pneumatic Shaft-Locking Clamps are automated quick locks with air for machine changeover.
Perfect for secure clamping of sliding shaft and spindle after position adjustment of parts and units in the machinery.

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Positive Locking

Spring clamping and pneumatic unclamping mechanism prevents the decrease of clamping force by air leakage.

* Internal structure is for illustration.

Compact or Heavy Duty

Two types are available according to the required load.

Shaft Diameter (mm) : 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 30

Remote / Multiple Operation

Multiple shafts can be clamped at a time from a distance.

Installation is possible at places out of reach.

Application Example

Sliding Shaft Locking

Lock for position adjustment

Slip prevention from backlash of linear slides

Horizontal lock with pneumatic cylinder

Vertical lock for elevator table

Spindle Locking

Rotation lock for rotary stages






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