Torque Limiting Knobs & Handles Provide Constant Tightening Force!

No Over / Under Tightening!

Torque limiting knobs and handles provide constant tightening force with the specified torque.

These functional knobs and handles prevent over / under tightening by clicking when reaching the desired torque.

The knobs come with preset torque of 2 or 3 Nm and the handles have adjustable torque range of 1 - 8 Nm.

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Click at Specified Torque

The knob or handle clicks when reaching the specified torque to ensure the maximum permissible torque is not exceeded.

Position change of film roller for printing in a packaging machine

Preset / Adjustable Torque

Torque limiting knobs have 2 torque options, and handles have adjustable torque range.

2 Nm / 3 Nm
1 - 8 Nm

Available in Tapped or Stud Style


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