Imao CAD Downloading Service Terms of Use

Please read the Terms of Use given below before use of Imao CAD downloading service, and if you agree to them, then please use it. These terms of use are subject to change, and please check out the latest version.

  1. Level of Imao CAD Dowloading Service

    • The copy and property rights of all CAD drawings available for this downloading service are in possession of Imao Corporation. These CAD drawings must not be copied, reprinted, or assigned to any third party, whether in part or in whole, without its permission. 
    • All CAD drawings available for this downloading service have been created for purposes of your efficient designing of and design planning for machines using Imao's products with a general-purpose CAD system. These CAD drawings must be used only for such purpuses. 
    • All CAD drawings available for this downloading service are subject to change or modification without prior notice due to product improvement. You will not be informed of this change or modification.
  2. Exemption Clause with Regard to Imao CAD Downloading Service

    • Imao will take no responsibility for any damage including but not limited to damage to data, interruption of operations, damage caused by loss of business information or others which will be incurred by you through the use of or due to failure of this CAD downloading service even if Imao is previously informed of possibility of such a damage or compensation claim from any third party.
    • Drawing creators will be responsible for check of drawings which have been created by using CAD drawings available from this CAD downloading service.
    • The CAD drawings available from this CAD downloading service neither guarantee the specifications of Imao products nor guarantee that values extracted from the elements of CAD drawings are identical to those of actual parts.
    • The CAD drawings are simplified for reduction of volume of data, and you must take care when using Imao CAD drawings to create working drawings or the like.
  3. Discontinuance of and Changes to Imao CAD Downloading Service

    • This CAD downloading service is subject to discontinuance without notice, or change in service level and/or terms of use.
  4. Inquiries concerning Imao CAD Downloading Service

    • For your comments, suggestions or questions, please contact us by email at